Saturday, December 20, 2008

This time, Ayam Masak Sodap!

Yeah, its another nice weekend. This morning I'd sent my car for service at Kah Bintang Service Center. It took about one hour, and then I went back home. Luckily theres no major or minor problem on the car. Since I don't have any plan today, so I decided to cook for lunch, and this time it is 'Ayam Masak Sodap'. Its almost the same as the previous 'Daging Masak Sodap" that I did last month.

Some of my colleague did ask about the recipe. Even my boss doubt that I can cooked! Haha, ok so here is the recepi.

Ayam Masak Sodap

Half Chicken cut into eight
1 big onion, cut into small small pieces
half garlic also cut into small pieces
3 table spoon of oyster source
4 table spoon of tomato source
3 glass of plain water
1 tea spoon of turmeric powder (kunyit)
salt and sugar

The chicken is being mix up with the turmeric powder and a little bit of salt. Then it is fried till it looks a little bit yellowish. Remove it form the frying pan and put the onion and garlic into the frying pan with less cooking oil. Then mix together the oyster source, tomato source and plain water. Stir it a few minutes before putting together the half fried chicken. The walla! Your Ayam Masak sodap is ready to serve!

chicken mix with kunyit and salt

half fried

almost done

kept warm

ready for lunch! my wife did the sotong sambal

-Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi-

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