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Friday, May 28, 2010

Tiger Prawn For Lunch

Its just great to be back in my hometown Penang. My father just came back from Kota Kinabalu and he bought a few kilos of tiger prawn (udang harimau). It was so big and fresh and it cost RM60 perkilo in Kota Kinabalu. I knew the price here in Semenanjung may hike up to RM130 perkilo for this jumbo tiger prawn.

My mom did the butter prawn for lunch and it was very tasteful. I could only eat up 4 four of it and end up full already. The taste was juicy and sweet! One day if I got the chance going to Sabah, I'll try to get this tiger prawn for sure:)

fried tiger prawn

butter tiger prawn

great taste!

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deep Purple in Malaysia!

Date: 16 May 2010

I had this opportunity to watch Deep Purple Concert at Genting Arena Al Stars. Thanks to Ariff, a friend of mine back in Penang who came to KL for the concert. He had extra tickets since his dad can not make it to KL the same day.

Even though I don't really know about Deep Purple, but I really enjoyed it. The only song I know is Soldier of Fortune but unfortunately they didn't sing that song. Its full of energy, and that is what I like most! They played nearly 15 songs and we can call them veterans and I guess they are famous in the 70s and 80s.

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home Made Siakap 3 rasa

My wife did the siakap 3 rasa (sweet and sour barrumandi) and it was marvelous! The siakap cost less than RM10 and home made cook is always good and healthy.

a little bit of spice is just nice

And for our open house next raya, my wife will be making char koey tiow, nyum nyum. Just plan 4 month ahead:)

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Work Trip To Bandung part 5

Final day, we went to Tangkuban Parahu, its a dead volcano and the only place in Indonesia where tourist are allowed to visit such place. The scenery was awesome! We went down to Kawah Domas to experience the hot spring and mud massage. It took about half and hour jungle tracking from the car park to the Kawah Domas. I bought the volcano mud and also sulfur and manage to bring it back to Malaysia without any problem at the airport custom!

can smell the sulfur

boiling spring water

mud massage

at the gate of Kawah Domas

arriving at Tangkuban Parahu

you can see the different after I 'boiled' my leg

tracking to Kawah Domas

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

Work Trip To Bandung part 4

Our fourth day we had went to Nasi Bancakan for lunch. It looks like a kedai nasi kandar, but Indonesia style where you just need to pick any food you want. The food is unic where you can also get ox colon, those siput sedut which is quite different to the Malaysian one and many more.

Nasi Bancakan Restaurant

the siput sedut

honeydew, taste great!

plenty to choose

enjoying the meal

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

Work Trip To Bandung part 3

Day 3 we had lunch at Vin's Berry Restaurant, a nice restaurant with great foods. I had nasi goreng steak 3 rasa (can't really remember the name) and it was really delicious! My office mate, Amir had a Sundanese food which was rice covered with banana leaf and grill beef with veggies. And desert, we had ice cream covered with strawberry souce.

ice cream with strawberry souce

nasi goreng steak 3 rasa

sundanese food


We went to Cihampelas for dinner. A restaurant (can't remember the name) with very nice ambient and used only candle light. And this time I had oxtail soup with rice! The food was good and finally I had the sup buntut without thinking the exact meaning in Bahasa. Cihampelas is a place just like the Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. You can get many kinds of foods from locals to westerns.

delicious sup buntut

nice ambient

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

Friday, May 7, 2010

Work Trip To Bandung part 2

talking with the owner of the guest house

All I wanted to share is about the foods in Bandung. There are several types ranging from Sundanese, Padang, and Indonesian local dishes. Our partner in Bandung took us to some of the great restaurant in Bandung. My first dish for day 2 is the nasi goreng buntut. Its sounds like something not right, only if its translated in Bahasa. Nasi goreng buntut is actually fried rice with oxtail., or nasi goreng ekor lembu. The food is nice, but actually our partner recommended us to have oxtail sup or sup buntut (euww, the name doesn't sound nice...), but I was not ready to have sup buntut. Just because of the name, I was thinking of a punggung lembu!

We also had karedok for lunch. Its a mix vegetable consist of cucumber, bean sprouts and cabbage. Almost like a rojak in Malaysia.

nasi goreng buntut


Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

Monday, May 3, 2010

Work Trip To Bandung part 1

Its my first time visiting Indonesia and the first place to go is Bandung. Quite a nice place and its a shopping heaven for most of the tourist, especially Malaysian. We flew to Bandung on the 2nd May 2010 and a representative of one of our working partners had waited for us at the Husein Sastranegara International Airport, Bandung.

De' Tropis Guest House

tasty sate padang...

We went straight to De Tropis Hotel which is a small hotel which was really neat with 24 hours wifi! The time in Bandung is just 1 hour early compared to the time in KL. The first food that we had was the sate padang at one of the warung just by the road. The food is good and spicy. We had much more other lovely foods and I'll share more information on these on my next post:)

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

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