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Monday, March 31, 2008

Circular Square - Harbour Bridge - Opera House

With the aborigine

On the evening, we went to Circular Square to see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. We had the opportunity to see the aborigine perform their tradisional music. It was quite unique!
at Habour Bridge

It was already 5pm, and we were really starving. Its quite hard to find a Muslim shop to buy food. Instead we opt to buy seafood for our lunch. I had seafood salad for my lunch. (kempunan nasik dah masa tu, huhuu)
near the Opera House

at the Opera House

At the Opera House, actually there was nothing to be facinate about. Its just a building. huhuu...

Opera House at night

Hazri, Amir, Rafie and me

Next, Bondi Beach!

To be continued....

From Sydney Airport to Paddy's Market to Darling Habour

near Sydney Airport

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go jalan2 around Sydney. After breakfast at the hotel, we took a cab and went straight to Sydney city. It was four of us; me, Amir, Mr Rafie (CEO of Amanah Raya Legacy) and Mr Hazri (also from Amanah Raya). The cab cost us $30.

referring to the map

We referred to the map, and the first place to go is the Paddy's Market. We shop some shirts and souvenirs there. Paddy's Market is more like a pasar malam, but it is indoor.

Paddy's entrance

in Paddy's Market

After finished shopping, we went to Darling Habour. We walked there and it tooks about 40 minutes to reach there.
after 40 minutes of walking

It was a very nice place. They had the ships, even a battle ship and a submarine there. We stop here took some rest and sight seeing.

Darling Habour

We bought some shirts here from a shop that was owned by a Malaysian! We went to see the Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wild Life, but didn't have the opportunity to go in. We were a bit tight in budget, huhu...

Sydney Aquarium

WildLife World

After about 4pm, we went to the Opera House and Sydney Harbour.

to be continued...

Friday, March 28, 2008

1st Day at Sydney

We arrived at Sydney at 6.22am, 26th March 08. We took our bath, breakfast and straight went to the Muslim Aid office in Lakemba, Sydney. I remembered my superior back in Malaysia told me that, you're going to Australia is to work, not holiday!huhu...

at Muslim Aid Australia's office

Lunch with Jasmine and Maryam (office mate)

Kak Habsah and Amir at KFC

KFC meal, cost $6.00++

375ml of mountain dew

But I know, after the fundraising function and the dinner, me and Amir will have the oppurtunity to go around and enjoy Sydney! We had our lunch at the office. It was chicken and salad. It was nice! And for dinner, we had KFC! There is only 1 KFC which is halal in Sydney, so why not?Let see how the Australian KFC taste like!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

A journey to Sydney

25th March 2008
We arrived at KLIA at 5pm (KL time). We went straight to the Jetstar counter to get the boarding pass and check in our baggages. We were allowed to check in only 40kg (2 person x 20kg).

at Jetstar counter

Then we went around the KLIA, before heading to the boarding place. The flight was an eight hour journey. It was quite bored being in the aircraft. Jetstar is a budget flight just like Air Asia.

in Jetstar aircraft

At 6.20am (Sidney's time) we arrived at Sidney.

p/s xsempat nak tulis utk 1st day, ada keja plak nak wat..:p


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lesson from a Barber

Let me share an opinion taken from The Star

By K.W. LIU, Puchong.

I visited my Barber 'Chico' (who is around 34 years of age) for my monthly haircut at the Summit recently.

We started talking about the recent general election and since both of us are Perakians, we discussed on the appointment of the new Mentri Besar who happens to be a PAS assemblyman (Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin).

Being more elderly than Chico by two decades, I started by criticising the appointment. “How can we have an MB in Perak who belongs to PAS. It should never happen. I believe the Perakians would prefer at least a candidate from PKR than from PAS!”

Chico looked at me with a smile and said: “Liu, I think you are not reading it correctly. The Perakians voted for Opposition; for all Malaysians not because the candidate is Malay, Chinese or Indian.

“We talk about meritocracy and this is a clear example where the Chinese in Perak can accept a PAS Mentri Besar who is well-educated and able to manage the state affairs. The Sultan of Perak is fair in making the decision.”

I was left tongue-tied. He was right. Being of the older generation, I was slow to grasp that Malaysians are getting more intellectual and non-racial.

It was a simple lesson taught to me but I was also happy that there is chance that we can get rid of all the malaise relating to race issues and for once we can call ourselves true Malaysians.

I'm impress of what the barber said to the elderly guy...


Monday, March 24, 2008

Visit the Orphans

Faruq, one of the orphans

Yesterday I went to visit again the school or orphans (Rohingya Refugees) in Selayang. This time I had the opportunity to chat with the kids. They barely talk Bahasa nor English. They can only say "nama saya...umur saya...." They were very cheerful. There are about 80 orphan aging from 6 to 10 years old. I'm planning to gather my colleague and friends, maybe to do something to help these poor orphans. Do join us!

More photos can be viewed here.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

A song for everyone

This is my close friend name Nuruddin. He created this song, but still don't have any lyrics yet. This song still need to be adjusted. We aim to get a lyric based on humanitarian. Anyone who love writing lyrics or poem, may send your lyrics to me. Once we have the lyrics, then we'll adjust it, and merge it with the music to become a song. We don't offer any cash for the lyrics, but we hope that the song will bring something to all the poeple who hears it.

p/s we got other more music, which is slower compared to this one.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shabery on bloggers, politics and the middle-class

NEW Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek shares a few quick thoughts on his appointment and the general election results.

Q: The Information Minister post is a contentious position. (Former information minister) Datuk Zainuddin Maidin had his hands full?

A: I take it as a serious challenge that I have to bear. Information is always very important. Everybody wants to know what’s happening in the country and what are the government policies, or how we are going to manage things that could easily be misunderstood by people. That is a challenge for me.

Q: The new media has exploded. Are you going to engage the bloggers at all?

A: Well, I wish I could see them. But I don’t know how many there are. Bloggers can be local and global. They can be everywhere and they emerge every day. They are important. In this explosion of information technology, everywhere is the centre of information. And people are free to express what they think. There is the good and bad about that. I wish we can sit down and talk to them and think openly what’s best for the country. That’s the bottom line.

Q: Your jump from parliamentary secretary to minister has been phenomenal.

A: Politics is not like you need to sit for STPM or before that SPM, PMR or UPSR. It doesn’t work that way. In politics, somebody can emerge from nothing. And somebody can almost become prime minister and then they are nothing after that. That’s politics. Everything is temporary. What remains is your integrity and your good name. And that’s the thing I think that our team is trying to promote this time.

Q: Are you nervous at all about your appointment?

A: Yesterday, yes I was. But today, I look around and there are people around me who share the same vision, the same ideas of what the Government and country should become.

Q: Will the new Cabinet line-up inject new spirit into the Government?

A: There are new faces and young faces. The new faces might not be all that young. But, I hope the people accept this as something that is fresh – a new approach brought about by the Prime Minister. Surely it will bring new inspiration especially to those who want to see current developments truly fulfil the aspirations of the new generation in our country.

Q: Why do you think Barisan Nasional did not do well in the elections this time?

A: My thinking is that it is the middle-class urban voters who shape the ideas and the outcome throughout the country. This also happens in other South-East Asian countries. In Indonesia for example, we see it in Jakarta. In the Philippines, we see it in Manila, in Thailand it’s Bangkok. In Malaysia, we feel it in the Klang Valley. The thinking of the young people in the Klang Valley – their doubts, uneasiness, new ideas – these are what they bring with them. If I go to a kampung in Terengganu, for example, there is not one household there where they do not have a child or a cousin who is living in the Klang Valley. It is the thinking of the middle-class people or the urban voters that is very much going to shape the outcome of the election as a whole. We have to look at this. We have to tackle this. We may be a good constituent worker, take care of our voters and meet them; but if we are out of touch with the thinking of the people here, we may get some results which are out of expectations. That’s the thing.

"At last, we have a Cabinet Minister who understands the power of blogs @ new media and willing to engage bloggers, rather than allienate or surpress/combative against them. We hope to see a new era of progressive information dissemination under this freshly appointed Yang Berhormat". quoted here

From what we can see here is that, even the newly appointed Ministry of Information realize the power of blogs where we can express whatever we think. We hope that more YBs and leaders can always share or even exchange ideas with the people by using the the power of the internet.


Terkenang Home Tuition di Penang

Farhan, 11 tahun

Hari ini cuti sempena Hari Maulidur Rasul. Dua tiga hari ini, saya sering chat dengan anak buah tusyen saya di Penang. Farhan, darjah 5, bersekolah di Sek Keb Sg Gelugor, Pulau Pinang. Saya mengajar Farhan subjek Matematik.
Farhan semasa tusyen di rumahnya

Semasa tusyen Farhan lebih suka bercerita tentang kawan2 nya di sekolah, business getah pemadam yang dijadikan gasing dan tentang Friendsternya. Antara kebanyakan student yang pernah saya ajar, Farhan merupakan pelajar yang paling kreatif.

Saya juga mengajar rakan Farhan yang tinggal sama Apartment yang bernama Batrisya (darjah 4). Batrisya agak berbeza dengan Farhan. Batrisya lebih suka menumpu perhatian pada subjek yang saya ajar.

-Freelance Tutor-

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Survey Lokasi Utk Futsal 4 Life Tournament

Petang tadi, aku bersama tiga volunteer Muslim Aid Asia Youth (MAAY), Ilham (kontrak dgn MAA), Khairul(IIUM) dan Farhana ( ex Unisel) pergi ke Shah Alam untuk survey lokasi untuk pertandingan Futsal 4 Life, anjuran Muslim Aid Asia.

Air cepat naik walaupun belum sampai setengah jam hujan turun

Perjalanan hujan lebat, Federal Highway pun boleh jam. Risau jugak bila tengok opposite road, jalan menghala ke KL dah mula naik air.

Tempat Futsal masih dalam pembikinan

Lokasi untuk pertandingan futsal ini berdekatan dengan Stadium Shah Alam. Lokasi masih dalam pembinaan, dan dengan harapan tempat futsal ini akan siap hujung bulan April. Lokasi strategik, parking pun luas.

Wall Climbing

Lokasi dinamakan Extreme Park. Selain dari futsal, terdapat juga wall climbing dan tempat untuk skaters melatih skills.
Volunteer under MAAY; Ilham, Khairul dan Farhana

Bersama Khairul dan Farhana

InsyaAllah hujung bulan April akan buat appointment dengan owner venue futsal ini, seorang pak haji, dengan harapan pak haji dapat sponsorkan untuk tournament Futsal 4 Life nanti (hujung bulan enam), insyaAllah.

-Pengurus Dana dan Pemasaran-

Monday, March 17, 2008

Shopping Kain dan Matta Fair

Weekend lepas (15 March 08) aku bersama famili pergi shopping kain untuk big day October nanti. 3 minggu sebelum tu, dah survey, so kali ini terus bawa parent ke kedai yang mempunyai kain yg disukai. Gerak dari rumah pagi, park dekat ngan Semua House. Parking dikenakan RM7. Better dari parking sesuka hati, last week dah kena saman DBKL sebab parking, buang je RM30 tu.

Once dah ada kat Jalan Tar, terus ke Kedai kain. Terus capai kain. Kain lace dan satin utk pihak perempuan. Aku punya sehelai super crepe, sehelai lagi crepe. Masa ni je la aku belajar sikit2 tentang kain, huhu.
kain untuk big day

Adik boleh kata, things like these makes marriage sounds crazy! Aku pun tergamam gak tgk bill untuk kain sahaja. Belum masuk untuk tempahan lagi. Mau kopak wallet aku nanti.

Pada petang pula, pergi dengan parent ke PWTC, ada Matta Fair. Ada beberapa perkara yang aku belajar di Matta Fair.
Setiap tahun Matta Fair pasti penuh dengan pengunjung

Apa yang perlu take note dalam planning untuk pergi melancong? (Untuk melancong thru travel agent)

1-Total up berapa budget yang kita willing nak spent. Ada dua jenis kos, yang pertama kos untuk bayar travel agent. Yang kedua, duit perbelanjaan (atau org panggil duit shopping). Kos untuk bayar travel agent ini, inclusive transportation (flight, train, etc), hotel, makan, dan tempat2 yang nak dilawati.

2- Confirmkan itenary, iaitu detail pakej pelancongan tersebut. Confirmkan dengan travel agent tarikh melancong, pergi dan balik. Confirmkan masa flight. Confirmkan lokasi yang akan dilawat. Kerana biasanya, ada travel agent yang tak dapat confirmkan itenary, so better dapatkan travel agent yang dah confirmkan itenary, supaya dapat elak dari pening kepala di masa hadapan

3- Untuk Muslim, pastikan makanan yang disediakan semasa melancong adalah halal. Airline pun tengok jugak, let say kalau travel dengan Malaysian Airlines, InsyaAllah halal. Untuk perjalanan yang dekat seperti ke Indonesia, airline ini tidak menjadi isu.

4-Pastikan passport masih hidup lebih 6 bulan dari tarikh luput passport.

Agensi pelancongan Reliance, yang offer pakej pelancongan untuk Muslims

Pakej yang diofferkan terdapat dua jenis.

1- Ground Pakej
Ground pakej ini tidak termasuk tiket penerbangan. Maknanya, kita kena figure out sendiri cara untuk ke destinasi pelancongan tersebut. Contoh let say nak ke US, kita confirmkan tarikh pakej dengan travel agent, then kita survey pulak airline mana yang sesuai, price yang berpatutan, dan dapat provide makanan yang halal. Biasanya untuk ground pakej, kita dapat savekan kos untuk penerbangan, cuma kena kerja lebih sedikit kerana kena uruskan tiket penerbangan sendiri.

2- Full Pakej
Full pakej ini pula termasuk tiket penerbangan. Kita just sediakan cash, travel agent akan uruskan semua.

Pada yang mungkin ada plan untuk melancong lepas ini, tak kira dalam atau luar negara, boleh budget2 dari sekarang. Next Matta Fair 10-12 Oct 08 di PWTC.
Info lanjut boleh refer di sini---> Matta Fair


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lunch ngan daging kambing biri2

Ofismate, Amir menjadi model daging qurban dalam tin

Lunch time tadi, ofismate aku bukakkan 2 tin daging qurban. Daging qurban ni yang 2 tahun lepas punya, so daripada expired, baik kami abiskan. Tin2 daging qurban sebelum ni digunakan untuk promosi pada org ramai, dan sebahagian yg lain dihantar ke Lebanon untuk pelarian Palestin (2006).
2 tin dibukak, dan dimakan oleh 4 org yg berada dalam ofis. Maklumlah, bos takdak.huhuu...

Ilham, staf baru yg amat meminati daging kambing ni.

Ida, selaku admin di ofis

Amir, selaku designer

Jam 2 lebih, semua kembali ke meja masing2 untuk meneruskan kerja.
Am! pliz update paperwork futsal tu!

Ofis Boy

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

RMC 2nd Ride Ulu Yam Woods

Chef bob yg sediakan daging batang pinang

2nd Ride RMC wat kat Ulu Yam Woods pada 23 Feb 08. Ramai gak yg join, paling best sebab ada sorang rider nih bekas chef hotel, bleh bawak skali daging batang pinang untuk di bbq kan!

ayam2 yg dipanggang

Terima kasih gak pada mospeda, yg telah menyediakan ayam yg siap untuk di bbq, dan juga pada semua yg telah menjayakan ride ini!


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