Friday, March 28, 2008

1st Day at Sydney

We arrived at Sydney at 6.22am, 26th March 08. We took our bath, breakfast and straight went to the Muslim Aid office in Lakemba, Sydney. I remembered my superior back in Malaysia told me that, you're going to Australia is to work, not holiday!huhu...

at Muslim Aid Australia's office

Lunch with Jasmine and Maryam (office mate)

Kak Habsah and Amir at KFC

KFC meal, cost $6.00++

375ml of mountain dew

But I know, after the fundraising function and the dinner, me and Amir will have the oppurtunity to go around and enjoy Sydney! We had our lunch at the office. It was chicken and salad. It was nice! And for dinner, we had KFC! There is only 1 KFC which is halal in Sydney, so why not?Let see how the Australian KFC taste like!


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