Monday, March 31, 2008

From Sydney Airport to Paddy's Market to Darling Habour

near Sydney Airport

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go jalan2 around Sydney. After breakfast at the hotel, we took a cab and went straight to Sydney city. It was four of us; me, Amir, Mr Rafie (CEO of Amanah Raya Legacy) and Mr Hazri (also from Amanah Raya). The cab cost us $30.

referring to the map

We referred to the map, and the first place to go is the Paddy's Market. We shop some shirts and souvenirs there. Paddy's Market is more like a pasar malam, but it is indoor.

Paddy's entrance

in Paddy's Market

After finished shopping, we went to Darling Habour. We walked there and it tooks about 40 minutes to reach there.
after 40 minutes of walking

It was a very nice place. They had the ships, even a battle ship and a submarine there. We stop here took some rest and sight seeing.

Darling Habour

We bought some shirts here from a shop that was owned by a Malaysian! We went to see the Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wild Life, but didn't have the opportunity to go in. We were a bit tight in budget, huhu...

Sydney Aquarium

WildLife World

After about 4pm, we went to the Opera House and Sydney Harbour.

to be continued...

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