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Friday, February 27, 2009


erk, a friend tag me and I need to reply back. There are 5 steps that I need to complete...

First- The first thing is that I need to paste this cute badge at my blog. Am I cute?kekekke..

Mas from TM in the maroon shirt

Second- Second, the person who had tag me was Mas from TM. I knew her during our visit to a Kampung Orang asli visit in Raub last year. I didn't know that she's an ex UIA student until I met her during the visit last year.

Third- 10 facts about myself including hobby etc
  1. I am married and will become a father in 5 month time, insyaAllah.
  2. I love being with the ASDAF children.
  3. I'm working in an humanitarian NGO
  4. I love bikes and own an old bike.
  5. I wish to be rich and have my own foundation one day
  6. I wish to venture into business, but still dunno where to start
  7. I wish to have a rich person coming to me and say, "Muhammad, can you please help me use this money to help the needy. Here you are, RM100,000. May Allah bless us..."
  8. I'm an Arsenal fan, but its sad to see Arsenal contributing to the Israelis. Hope that its not true.
  9. I have a lovely family who support me most
  10. I hope all my effort is accepted in the Hereafter, insyaAllah.
Fourth - Choose 5 person/blogger for the award.
ok, the award goes to
  1. Patar - just started to blog
  2. Ilham - my ex assistant...huhuu
  3. Zam - old skool mate
  4. Anep - Muslim Aid volunteer, very passionate!
  5. Eyta - Muslim Aid practical student
Fifth - visit your friend's blog

ok good luck for the tag!

alamak! I got the wrong tag....adoii...suppose to be the gambar tag..xpa ya Mas, wat yang nih pun xpa kan...

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Old PC

Finally a place for my old pc. Still in good condition though I would use my lappie more often. Most of my mp3 and videos are still in storage. One of the best pc when I was in 1st year in UIA. Running on a xp pro, using Intel Pentium IV 2.0, 768 ddr ram, 120gb hardisk, nvdia FX 5600 256mb, s creative oundblaster sound card with 5.1 creative speaker plus a logitech webcam. This webcam cost me RM300! It was a great pc back in 2003...

p/s mak, dah kemas dah nih:)

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

Thursday, February 19, 2009

ASDAF Futsal Team!

It was futsal training day at ASDAF. I was chosen as the manager to manage the ASDAF futsal team. There will be a futsal competition at Shah Alam, which may include about 10 more orphanage to compete in the competition. It reminds me of the Engineering Futball League back in UIA when I was playing as a fullback!

Mat Penang
Kraithong KC

Monday, February 9, 2009

Riders Malaya: Alai Opening Ride 2009

Date: 7th Feb 2009
Time: 3pm-11pm
Location: Alai, Melaka

It was a great weekend, and this time I had the chance to join a convoy with the Riders Malaya Community (RMC) for the opening ride 2009 to Alai, Melaka. The ZZRians and also the LCians from KOM135 joined the ride. A total of near 70 bikes were involve. We gathered first at Sg Besi Shell at 3.30pm. The first check point was at RNR Seremban and the second check point at Ayer Keroh Petronas just after the tol exit.

We arrived at Alai by 6pm, and start having dinner after Magrib. The food was great! Sweet and sour Siakap, pari bakar, kepah masak pedas, sotong goreng tepung, udang bakar and sayur. We all just love it! We went back to KL almost midnight. It was my first convoy this year!

photo befire dinner

check point 1, RNR Seremban

share the passion

bikes prepared for the convoy

founder of Riders Malaya Community (RMC)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

'Bombing' in KL

Last night it was 'bombing' everywhere in KL. It started near 12 midnight till 1am. Its beautiful to see the fireworks from my apartment. About 15 location had fireworks, and I guess it might be some kind of a chinese celebration. I could just imagine, it might be the same as the situation in Gaza, the sound like bomb exploding, with the flashes of light going thru the windows. But luckily that I'm in Malaysia, peace and harmony.

bombing in KL

several bombings

p/s One day I should get binculars or a telescope so that I could just enjoy the lights in KL.

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

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