Friday, February 27, 2009


erk, a friend tag me and I need to reply back. There are 5 steps that I need to complete...

First- The first thing is that I need to paste this cute badge at my blog. Am I cute?kekekke..

Mas from TM in the maroon shirt

Second- Second, the person who had tag me was Mas from TM. I knew her during our visit to a Kampung Orang asli visit in Raub last year. I didn't know that she's an ex UIA student until I met her during the visit last year.

Third- 10 facts about myself including hobby etc
  1. I am married and will become a father in 5 month time, insyaAllah.
  2. I love being with the ASDAF children.
  3. I'm working in an humanitarian NGO
  4. I love bikes and own an old bike.
  5. I wish to be rich and have my own foundation one day
  6. I wish to venture into business, but still dunno where to start
  7. I wish to have a rich person coming to me and say, "Muhammad, can you please help me use this money to help the needy. Here you are, RM100,000. May Allah bless us..."
  8. I'm an Arsenal fan, but its sad to see Arsenal contributing to the Israelis. Hope that its not true.
  9. I have a lovely family who support me most
  10. I hope all my effort is accepted in the Hereafter, insyaAllah.
Fourth - Choose 5 person/blogger for the award.
ok, the award goes to
  1. Patar - just started to blog
  2. Ilham - my ex assistant...huhuu
  3. Zam - old skool mate
  4. Anep - Muslim Aid volunteer, very passionate!
  5. Eyta - Muslim Aid practical student
Fifth - visit your friend's blog

ok good luck for the tag!

alamak! I got the wrong tag....adoii...suppose to be the gambar tag..xpa ya Mas, wat yang nih pun xpa kan...

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