Sunday, March 1, 2009

ASDAF Kids with Sushi and Wasabi

It was another day at ASDAF. And this time the kids wanted to try sushi and wasabi. It started that night, when I was teaching them in tuition class, one of the kids ate buah pinang just like that. I'm not sure what do they called buah pinang in English. It was weird to me, but they ate it just like an apple. I dont know how it taste, so thats where I got the idea about sushi and wasabi. I asked them whether they had tried wasabi or not. They said they have no idea what is wasabi. So I bought them sushi and wasabi today (thanks to Amir for sponsoring the sushi and wasabi).


I want more...

Everyone was so excited. Each sushi is for two person, so that everyone can taste it. And there it goes, each kid tried the sushi with the wasabi and I can see that funny look on their face. Everyone tried it and even asked for more! Enjoy the clip!

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

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