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Friday, January 23, 2009

Once upon a time...

It was a day for me and my wife to go out for dinner. It had been really a busy week for me, and almost everyday I was home late at night. I was quite busy with Gaza appeal, event on Gaza, interviewing new staff and many more. Almost every night I had meeting, mostly on Gaza and academic for the ASDAF children.

I'm happy to see my wife happy. We decided to have a western dinner that night, so we went to KLCC. Maybe once in a month, I should take my family jalan-jalan and just forget about work for a while:)


course meal (lamb)

makan time!

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi
Humanitarian worker

Sunday, January 18, 2009

COMPLETE: Riders Malaya at Bukit Bintang

Location: Bukit Bintang
Date: 18 Jan 09
Time: 2pm

We were at Bangsar Sport Complex for the COMPLETE event on the Save The Palestinians campaign. By lunch time, all the volunteers from various NGOs, university's students and internet community spread all over KL to distribute pamphlets and brochures on the awareness campaign of the Gaza issue.

I came along with my colleage form Riders Malaya Community (RMC) to distribute the pamphlets at Bukit Bintang. There were about 15 of us, it was really tiring but we really enjoyed it. Most of the people wanted to know about the situation in Gaza. We provide them with info on Gaza and how to donate. It's nice to do at least something for the people in Gaza:)

distributing the pamphlets

no to McD!

Zhaf from RMC

with Ganahsokmo (Sepul)

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi
Riders Malaya Community

Saturday, January 17, 2009

RMC Blood Donation at Pusat Darah Negara

Date: 17th Jan 09
Time: 11am

Location: Pusat Darah Negara (National Blood Center)

Today Riders Malaya Community (RMC) did another community program which blood donation. This was the first blood donation ride, and only 5 bikers turned up for the blood donation. Out of 5, only 3 bikers were eligible to donate. I can not donate my blood since I was in UK in 1987-1989. They fear that I had mad cow desease!:p It was just part of the standard procedure. I can only give support to my friends. InsyaAllah we'll come again for another blood donation ride in 3 month time:)

need to fill up the form first

the nurse will check the type of blood

the blood is either A,B, AB or O

check blood pressure first

nothing to fear off...huhuuu


1 pint of blood

each donor will get a cup of milo, biscuits,an orange dan fried mee!


Riders Malaya Community (RMC)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update on My Kitchen Garden

Last Monday I went to ASDAF to update on the kitchen garden. The hot chilies are ready to pluck. The kids only took the red one, as others are still young to be plucked. InsyaAllah by next week on the 16th Jan 2009, all the baby plants will be transfered on the ground. They would be spinach, pumpkin, cucumber and brinjal! Wait till next week!

Jeffri a new student at ASDAF

the kids with the hot chillies

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi
Muslim Aid Asia

Friday, January 2, 2009


Still enduring the effects of months of an Israeli blockade, isolation and crippling shortages of food, medicines and fuel supplies, the people of Gaza now face another onslaught- full scale military operations. Already 425 hundred Palestinians have been killed 2,300 injured in a series of air raids over the past 7 days (al_Jazeerah) and ground forces stand poised at the borders. The casualty figures and destruction are set to increase significantly over the coming days.
Muslim Aid has been working tirelessly over recent months assisting the Palestinians during the blockade by distributing vital supplies which includes food parcels, nutritional meals for school children, school kits, blankets and gas lights. However, there is an URGENT need for medicines, first aid kits and medical supplies. Muslim Aid Asia with Muslim Aid Australia in partnership with local Gaza agencies which includes UNRWA are continuously assessing the needs and working to secure much needed supplies of food and medicines.
We urgently need your help!

Donation could be made through Muslim Aid Asia account at
EON Bank: 0518-11-000311-5 (Muslim Aid Asia Sdn Bhd)
Kindly pos/faks/email payment slip to Muslim Aid Asia office and state the payment is for the Bantuan Kemanusiaan Gaza.

Online payment here

Muslim Aid Asia
8-1-2 Menara Mutiara Bangsar,
Jalan Liku,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Faks: 032288 1966

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi
Muslim Aid Asia

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