Saturday, January 17, 2009

RMC Blood Donation at Pusat Darah Negara

Date: 17th Jan 09
Time: 11am

Location: Pusat Darah Negara (National Blood Center)

Today Riders Malaya Community (RMC) did another community program which blood donation. This was the first blood donation ride, and only 5 bikers turned up for the blood donation. Out of 5, only 3 bikers were eligible to donate. I can not donate my blood since I was in UK in 1987-1989. They fear that I had mad cow desease!:p It was just part of the standard procedure. I can only give support to my friends. InsyaAllah we'll come again for another blood donation ride in 3 month time:)

need to fill up the form first

the nurse will check the type of blood

the blood is either A,B, AB or O

check blood pressure first

nothing to fear off...huhuuu


1 pint of blood

each donor will get a cup of milo, biscuits,an orange dan fried mee!


Riders Malaya Community (RMC)

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