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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Part 1: Trip to Myaungmya as delegate for Nargis Cyclone, Myanmar

with officers from the camp


with the monk and kids

With Korean NGOs and Sweden Ambassador

view from heli

at a Camp in Myaungmya

Friday, May 23, 2008

Update di Myanmar

Alhamdulillah everything was ok in Myanmar. Yesterday we had a briefing with the Myanmar PM and their minister. They had explained about the status, condition and long term plan for the Nargis Cyclone victim. We were a bit upset with the answer given by the Myanmar government when questions had been raised regarding the aid and exact figure of the situation.

On the evening we were sent to the Blue Camp near Yangon, to see the shelter and aid that the government had given to them. Well, most of them had been planned well by the gov here.

Today morning we were given the opportunity to go the the Delta area in Myangmya and Laboota. We visited some camps that had been set up by the gov. One camp can fill about 200 people. According to the Commander in charge in Laboota, Laboota itself have about 31 camps and in the Delta area had another 21 camps.

This Sunday will be having the pledge conference with the Myanmar gov. I will update more late.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's inside Andaiku Tahu, by Ungu.

I was attracted to a song by an Indonesian band, Ungu while I was driving back home. Mostly I dont really care about local or Indonesian songs, and sometimes I dont even know the name of the song or the band. But this song from Ungu, really struck myself, when I clearly can hear the lyrics of what the singer is saying.

I tried to remember the starting of the lyrics, Andaiku Tahu, and tried to google it. Luckily even the songs title is Andaiku Tahu! I managed to find the video clip thru Youtube, let us share what the message is all about.

Andai ku tahu….
Kapan tiba ajalku…
Ku akan memohon tuhan tolong panjangkan umurku…

Andai ku tahu…
Kapan tiba masaku…
Ku akan memohon tuhan jangan kau ambil nyawaku…
Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…
Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku…

Andai ku tahu…
Malaikatmu kan menjemputku…
Izinkan aku mengucap kata taubat padamu…
Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…
Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku…

Ampuni aku dari segala dosa dosaku…
Ampuni aku menangis ku bertaubat padamu…
Aku manusia yang takut neraka…
Namun aku juga tak pantas di syurga…

Andai ku tahu….
Kapan tiba ajalku…
Izinkan aku mengucap kata taubat padamu…
Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…
Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku…
Ampuni aku dari segala dosa dosaku…
Ampuni aku menangis ku bertaubat padamu…

The video clip used kids, and as we all know, kids dont even know what life is all about, and how it would end. It really touch my heart. I realize that I need to do more to purify my innerself...


p/s kindly take the positive side..;)

Friday, May 16, 2008

First Time On Air

Yesterday evening, I had a sudden call from the RTM, asking me wether I can attend the Selamat Pagi Malaysia slot at 8am. I was a bit shock, as the schedule to be on air suppose to be next week. So I said yes, sure! About 8pm, the RTM crew sent me the questions so that I can be prepared. The slot was about the Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar. I was representing Muslim Aid Asia.

With Mej Jen (B) Dato Hj Megat Mohd Yusof, Sec Gen of Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia

With Selamat Pagi Malaysia host

I was sweating as I arrived with Amir at the RTM. Even the make up artist had to wait for me to cool down. I was a little bit nervous but I manage to cool down.

3, 2, 1...


currently on air

Well, another new experience. Next week will be another slot. 23rd May 2008, at 8am. So guys, watch out!


p/s rakaman tv1 yg sebenar, blom dapat lagi...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Study visit to Kampung Orang Asli, Pahang

Last weekend we went to visit a Kampung Orang Asli in Pahang. It was a new experience and everything was great!


Friday, May 9, 2008

Back from Myanmar Embassy

Just now I went to the Myanmar Embassy, Jalan Ru with my officemate to apply for visa to send aid for the Nagris Cyclone victims. We applied at 12.30pm, and had to wait till 3 o'clock in order for the person incharge to come back to process our passport. The person incharge of the visa said that just call, and he will turn up, but it took us about 3 hours to wait. I even terlepas my Friday prayer, astarghfirullah.

I was so fed up with the attitude of the people at the Myanmar Embassy. Even the call operator seems like they dont even care about whats happening in their country. I had explained that we from Muslim Aid will be sending water purification unit and water purification tablets for the Nagris Cyclone victims in Myanmar. The Junta would only prefer to have aid, but not allowing work aid to come in their country.

Next week, we'll try again to apply for the visa. Hopefully everything would go smooth.

Fundraising and Marketing Manager
Muslim Aid Asia

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

MIHAS 2008

Today I went to the Malaysia International Halal Showcase at Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre (MECC). MIHAS is a platform to draw the world’s halal players in facilitating the sourcing and selling of global quality halal products.

Amir at Pertima - Muslim Aid Asia booth

We from Muslim Aid Asia shared a booth with PERTIMA at D30. There were about more than 1000 booth mostly from Malaysia, China and Middle East.

even the Serbs are keen on halal showcase

Its nice to make many contacts thru this showcase and plenty of goodie bags to grab. I even had my lunch by eating all those food sample! You can get from nugget, hotdogs, kropok lekor, maggie, spicy kari, rice and even lasagne! Kopi, teh, tongkat ali, all those energy drinks are also available at MIHAS.

just love to try all those foods

Tomorrow will be another day at MIHAS. The opening ceremony will be held tomorrow as well.
See ya at MIHAS!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Visit to Pulau Kampung Suri in Kelantan

Yesterday I was in Kelantan for a program for parents with cerebral palsy kids with USM medic students. After the program finished at 3pm, I was told to sent a family to their kampung in Pulau Seri. I was excited because in order to reach the place, we need to cross Sungai Kelantan with a boat!

the family with the aid gifts

From Yokuk (Yayasan Orang Kurang Upaya Kelantan) to the habour took about 20 minutes. We had to carry those aid gifts given by the USM medic students for this family. The boat took about 15 minutes to reach the Kampung. It was really a new experience to ride a boat without the safety jacket..huhuu.

no safety jacket wooo..

Once we arrived, they served us with coconut drink ( air kelapa!). It took a monkey to get the coconut from the coconut tree. We shared our moments with the family mostly about their daughter which is a CP patient.

with the family

Before going back, we donate some used used cloth for the family, and took pictures with them...:)


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