Friday, May 9, 2008

Back from Myanmar Embassy

Just now I went to the Myanmar Embassy, Jalan Ru with my officemate to apply for visa to send aid for the Nagris Cyclone victims. We applied at 12.30pm, and had to wait till 3 o'clock in order for the person incharge to come back to process our passport. The person incharge of the visa said that just call, and he will turn up, but it took us about 3 hours to wait. I even terlepas my Friday prayer, astarghfirullah.

I was so fed up with the attitude of the people at the Myanmar Embassy. Even the call operator seems like they dont even care about whats happening in their country. I had explained that we from Muslim Aid will be sending water purification unit and water purification tablets for the Nagris Cyclone victims in Myanmar. The Junta would only prefer to have aid, but not allowing work aid to come in their country.

Next week, we'll try again to apply for the visa. Hopefully everything would go smooth.

Fundraising and Marketing Manager
Muslim Aid Asia

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