Friday, May 23, 2008

Update di Myanmar

Alhamdulillah everything was ok in Myanmar. Yesterday we had a briefing with the Myanmar PM and their minister. They had explained about the status, condition and long term plan for the Nargis Cyclone victim. We were a bit upset with the answer given by the Myanmar government when questions had been raised regarding the aid and exact figure of the situation.

On the evening we were sent to the Blue Camp near Yangon, to see the shelter and aid that the government had given to them. Well, most of them had been planned well by the gov here.

Today morning we were given the opportunity to go the the Delta area in Myangmya and Laboota. We visited some camps that had been set up by the gov. One camp can fill about 200 people. According to the Commander in charge in Laboota, Laboota itself have about 31 camps and in the Delta area had another 21 camps.

This Sunday will be having the pledge conference with the Myanmar gov. I will update more late.


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