Friday, May 7, 2010

Work Trip To Bandung part 2

talking with the owner of the guest house

All I wanted to share is about the foods in Bandung. There are several types ranging from Sundanese, Padang, and Indonesian local dishes. Our partner in Bandung took us to some of the great restaurant in Bandung. My first dish for day 2 is the nasi goreng buntut. Its sounds like something not right, only if its translated in Bahasa. Nasi goreng buntut is actually fried rice with oxtail., or nasi goreng ekor lembu. The food is nice, but actually our partner recommended us to have oxtail sup or sup buntut (euww, the name doesn't sound nice...), but I was not ready to have sup buntut. Just because of the name, I was thinking of a punggung lembu!

We also had karedok for lunch. Its a mix vegetable consist of cucumber, bean sprouts and cabbage. Almost like a rojak in Malaysia.

nasi goreng buntut


Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

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