Thursday, November 27, 2008

Daging Masak Sodap

daging masak sodap

Since today is my wife's birthday, I decided to cook for dinner. I called it daging masak sodap! Today I went back early as I had an appointment with the contractor and settling all rent and loans. The last time I cooked probably a few months back, and this is the first time cooking since I got married! I remembered last three years, my roommate pokcik @ Rozaidi (now at Texas Instrument) and I made nasi ayam for open house since my family were at US at that time. Miss those days!

onion, garlic and ginger


slice according to the 'urat'

fried the daging before being kept in air asam

finally masak with all the ingrediants (including sauce)

p/s guess what, insyaAllah I'm going to be a father in 8 month time! :)

-Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi-

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