Friday, November 27, 2009

Eid Mubarak and happy birthday to my wife!

Just finished solat sunat raya at our surau apartment. Yesterday I went back home late as I was still receiving calls from people who wanted to participate in the Qurban For Life program by Muslim Aid. I came back home at about 9.30pm realizing that my wife birthday is going to be tomorrow! But still don't have any idea what gift should I give for my lovely wife. This is going to be her first birthday as my wife.

great ice cream cake!

Ali was sleeping at that time..:)

That night while processing some of the qurban form, I still manage to get connected with some of my friends thru facebook and yahoo messenger. I still can't think of anything to get for my wife. I should be back early, or at least to have dinner with my wife, but I can't, since there is still pile of work to be done. Out of a sudden, one of my ex classmate from UIA send a message thru yahoo messenger with Eidiladha and happy birthday wishes to me and my wife. I told him that I need to get something for my wife. he gave me an idea to get a cake!

a gift for my beloved wife

its purely ice cream inside

Yeah! Thats it! At least I can get a cake before coming back home! At Bangsar, there is plenty of choices from Secret Recipe, Baskin Robin or even Haagan Dazs. After work, I quickly drove to Bangsar Village. Secret Recipe don't have much choice, so I went to Hagan Daazs to get an ice cream cake. Strawberry cheese cake was my choice!

And now today, after solat sunat raya, i gave my wife a surprise! A Haagan Dazs birthday cake! Thanks to Zaid for the lovely idea!

Muhammad Bin Kamarulazizi

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