Friday, April 10, 2009

Preparation for a Newborn

My future baby is already six month, me and my wife had bought some baby stuff such as clothes, diapers and many more. The clothes are not that much, just a few baby jumper, shirts and socks. Most of them cost below RM10. A friend had advised not to buy too many clothes for a newborn, since the baby will grow rapidly from month to month. My wife also bought 2 packs of diapers. She was so eager to go to Jusco AU2 for the J Card sale yesterday. Others are milk bottle, baby wash and soft towels.

For the next month budget, we'll be going to get the baby stroller (do we need that?), the buaian (not sure what they call it) and the baby car seat. These will cost much! So an advice to all daddy wannabe, remember to prepare your budget monthly for those baby stuff. It would be better to plan about 4 or 5 month before the due date.
Let me share my planning
Due date: mid July 2009
Monthly saving for the baby: nearly RM1k
March 09: bought clothes
April 09: bought diapers and toiletries
May 09: gonna buy baby seat car
June 09: gonna buy breast pump, buaian, stroller and others
July 09: standby, baby is coming!
Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi
daddy wannabe

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