Saturday, April 11, 2009

PIKOM PC Fair 2009

my wireless router

We was at KLCC as early as 11am for the Pikom PC Fair 2009 and luckily we had a very good parking just near the excelator. This time my wife and I had planned to buy a wireless router, a cooling pad, a tiny 8gb thumb drive, 50 piece cd writer and a 2gb thumb drive of which a friend had ordered. We went through all booth from Hall 3 to Hall 5. Some of the items had different price on the same item and model. So we had to looked carefully, at least to get the best price and offer. First we bought the cooling pad, with a huge fan with blue led, that had cost RM18. We missed a booth, that was selling the same cooling pad at RM17, huhu.

my tiny thumbdrive almost looks similar like this

Then we bought a 50 piece cd writer for RM26 brand immation and got a cd case for free. After that we went to buy the wireless router (D-Link) which cost us Rm103. It was a good bargain, as some other booth offered RM105 and RM110 for the same item and model. I managed to get my tiny 8gb thumbdrive (Kingmax) which cost me RM54. This 8gb thumbdrive is waterproof, and I can just attach it with my PDA casing and bring it anywhere easily. The 2GB thumbdrive (apacer) cost only RM19, the cheapest 2bg thumbdrive available there. Every item was a good bargain, at least after looking around for the best price and offer!

p/s rumah sekarang dah ada internet wireless. tak perlu kongsi lagi dengan wife, hehe...

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

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