Monday, October 13, 2008

Things You need to Prepare on Nikah Day!

Nikah day is just around the corner. I remembered some of my Atok advice for the Nikah day. Here's the check list

Upon arriving to the Surau or Masjid or the place where the Nikah take place

1- Make sure you already have wudhu
2- Once at the surau, remember to give the Imam the 'duit saguhati'. This duit saguhati is for the payment for Nikah, Saksi and others (like operation cost)
3- During the akad, remember to prepare answers for some simple questions. Questions might be like Rukun Nikah, reciting doa Qunut etc.
4- After akad, shake hands with the pengantin perempuan's (bride) families, but man only. And then shake hands with your own families. If you shake hands with woman, it will batal your wudhu.
5- Then perform Sunat prayer.
6- Then can give the wedding ring to the bride.

Here is the 5 rukun nikah (you need to remember this as well!)
  1. Pengantin Lelaki
  2. Pengantin Perempuan
  3. Akad (Ijab dan Kabul)
  4. Wali
  5. 2 Orang Saksi

Thats the six steps that you guys need to prepare!
I had wrote a few stuff on documents to prepare and how to buy a wedding ring. You may refer to the link

-Wedding documents
-Guide to buy a wedding ring

p/s good info about nikah here!

-Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi-
From Penang to Malacca

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