Thursday, October 9, 2008

Final days as a bachelor....

Date: 6th June 208

I'm counting the days before getting married next week. After last raya, we had what you call final teh tarik session at Kapitan Queensbay. It will be the final teh tarik as a bachelor. Man! I just can't believe that I'm getting married next week!

We went out together the whole day. In the morning, we went to help a poor family at Sg Nibong. Its the final charity work in Penang as a bachelor. Man! Just can't believe it! We went shopping together at Tesco Extra Sg Dua to buy all those food for the family. It felt really nice when we old chaps are together in helping the poors.

Jusco, here we come!

nyanyi lagi!

Then we went to Queensbay Mall to refund Hadi's bag. He bought a hiking bag that cost him Rm180 but only usable once. The zip had tercabut already! So with, Nazim, Zali, me and Toriq, we went to Jusco Queensbay to get cash refund. Luckily everything went smooth...huhuu.

After that, we went to Bukit Jambul to karaoke! It had been so long we didn't sing together. For you guys who had never been to a karaoke, don't misunderstood, it only involve us and no cheeky girls were involved, boys only:p We sang nearly 20 songs! The good part of karaoking in Penang is that each song only cosst RM1. But in KL, most of the karaoke lounge will cost perhead or based on perhour. KL damn expensive!

So rite now I'm already in KL. I really miss my friends in Penang. Miss alot of things doing together with them...

Zali Gangster Tuing's Car

at Tesco, buying the goods

amount collected is around RM180!

Qurban mutton for you makcik

Great Friends! Hadi also (taking the photo)

Just to remind you guys, my Nikah will be on the 17th of October, and the wedding ceremony will be held on the 18th of October 2008 at Dewan Japerun Lendu, Masjid Tanah Melaka, and at Penang would be held on the 25th of October 2008 at Dewan Marine Police Gelugor. Do come, and just dont forget the presents! Hahaa..kidding only laa..

p/s download my wedding card here

Still a bachelor

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