Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Public Lecture: Maratib Al-Ilm in Islamic Scientific Tradition

Date: 23 Julai 2008
Time: 9.30am-12pm
Venue: Grand Hall IKIM (Institue of Islamic Understanding Malaysia)
Title: Maratib Al-Ilm in Islamic Scientific Tradition
By: Prof Dr Alparslan Acikgenc (Deputy Rector and Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey

I had the opportunity to attend a public lecture at IKIM. Basically here are the notes and what I had understand from the lecture

Four basic levels maratib (level) of knowledge in the Islamic scientific tradition

1- Revealed Knowledge represented by the Prophets; Prophetic Knowledge
2- Illuminated Knowledge represented by the Scholars; Knowledge by Prophetic Inheritance
3- Scientific Knowledge represented by the Scholars; Scientific Knowledge
4- Applied Knowledge represented by the intellectuals; Practical Knowledge
5- General Knowledge represented by the comon people

Each Martaba (Level) has its own characteristics; The first two coalesce, hence their characteristics are the same, with only one difference that the former is totally revealed but later is inherited. We combine the first two, calling it Guidance Knowledge and make it a guidance for the third which is very important for us today.

What is Guiding Knowledge
  • It is a light - Its what you called an-nur. Its like the sun, give light to others
  • Its purpose is hidayah - To guide humanity
  • Its method is the light of the heart - we gained from experience. Some may come from the positive value in emotion
  • It enlightens the hearts
  • It addresses all levels of people - Its a knowledge for all
  • Its language is sharp - It depends on a person heart. It may influence people
Scientific Knowledge
  • It needs light - Its like the moon which need sun to shine
  • Its purpose is the haqaiq al-ashya - they are after the truth
  • Its method is the light of intellect - they are trying to understand
  • It enlightens the mind
  • It addresses only to the specific people or scientists - because others may not understand
  • Its language is logic
Some favorite quotes from the speaker.
Do you have a heart to think?

Art is develop later than the science in the civilization. Art is a way of expressing abstract knowledge to the people

Its back to the person itself. To train mentally and emotionally to be stable before going to scientific knowledge

Muslim world now are too ignorance, and that is why the Muslim world are at this level.

Don't think with your eye (from what you just see) but think with your mind (see and evaluate)

New terms come from the philosophy of science, but Malaysians does not emphasize on philosophical subject.
It was really a good lecture. Most of the audience were lecturers and deans from respective universities.

-Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi-
engineering graduate, IIUM

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