Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vacation: Kota Kinabalu Sabah, 3rd day

3rd day at Sabah.

After looking at several Mount Kinabalu packages, we manage to charter a mini bus that can fit 18 adults for only RM750 (8 hours including the tour guide). We did had several options such as a Totoya Hiace van that cost us RM400 per van. Or a bigger can like Nissan Urvan which cost RM700. The trip to Mount Kinabali will take about 2 to 3 hours so we decided to have the minibus, which was more comfortable since all of us were 11 adults, 2 children and 4 infants.

On the way to Mount Kinabalu, we stopped at Nabalu market to buy souviniors gift such as shirts, fridge magnets and key chains. We need to bargain to get good price and there are penty of choices for shirts compared to the Philiphines Markets. The price was a little bit higher compared to the Philiphines Markets.

hot spring, Mount Kinabalu

Nabalu Market

Canopy Walk entrance

not for the faint hearted

call this number for the minibus or other transportation at Sabah

the minibus that fits them all

We had our lunch at Sri Papar Restaurant, a Muslim own restaurant before making to the Hot Spring. The canopy walk and waterfall is located at the Hot Spring and it cost RM3 for locals to enter the place. The canopy walk was a 150 meter 'sky bridge' hanging from trees to trees and about more than 100 m in height. The canopy walk are not suitable for individuals with high blood pressure or heart attack.

Finally we went to Mount Kinabalu. We didn't actually go to the top but only at the bottom where there's an informative center on Mount Kinabalu. The scenerey was beautiful and thats why people would say, if you didn't visit the Mount Kinabalu, means you had never been to Sabah.

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

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