Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Remember the Hotline 1-800-88-0000

What a trip from KL to Penang. It was my first time having a tyre puncture since 2001. I knew one of the tyre had less air but I just decided to ignore it until it got punctured at KM159 North Bound. I was calm enough to just change the tyre, then I realized I didn't manage to open the final nut! There was 4 nut, only three manage to open. I was really tired and felt like breaking my fast as it was 4pm and the sun is till up there and making me sweat. Then I decided to try call Plus Hotline and they came just 5 minutes after the call. Yeah, they're really quick! They help me to loosen the final nut, and used my extra tyre in the my bonnet as the replacement. And it was free! Thanks to Plus Highway for making my day today! So remember guys, always keep the Plus Hotline number, 1-800-88-0000 in your handphone, just incase any emergency happen at the Plus Highway, they will come to the rescue:)

Plus emergency team came to the rescue

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

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