Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thanks To My Dear Wife

It was my birthday yesterday and my wife took me for an early dinner in Wangsa Walk to taste the delicious marinated lamb chop at TGI Fridays. Even though my schedule was a little bit tight, I manage to squeeze my time to have dinner with my family. We went to Wangsa Walk at 6pm, and luckily there were not so many customer yet. So we ordered the appetizer and meals. Ali had a free meal since he is below 12 years old, well, he's not even 1 year old! So his mom and dad finished it up!

The TGI Fridays's staff had a surprise for me by singing the happy birthday song and ask me to make a wish. They gave a slice of chocolate cake for me to share with my wife. It was so sweet, even Alli was happy. Thanks to my wife for planning this for me and I love my wife so much. Thank Allah for having her for me and a blessing son as well:)

the appetizer

Ali's meal

mama's meal covered with melted cheese!

papa's meal, marinated lamb chop!

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi

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