Friday, July 17, 2009

Its balik kampung time!

Well, starting today till the end of July, I'm going to be in Penang. My wife is due to give birth by next week. So its holiday for me! I rushed out from KL yesterday just after finishing work at 6pm, and arrived kampung Padang Rengas at 9pm. Tok and Pah were already waiting and we had dinner together with some of the fresh durians and rambutan. You can taste the difference between a fresh durian yang baru luruh with the durian in KL!

tok getting the rambutan

rambutan lekang punya tau

Next day early in the morning we went to the dusun (food orchard) and search for durian yang sudah luruh. We managed to get 8 durians! Then the tiring part is to get the rambutan from the trees. We got a box full of rambutan to bring back to Penang. And now I'm in Penang, will enjoy the precious time here!

first time to see the buah asam gelugor

kepingan asam gelugor (dried)

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi
off work till end of July

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