Monday, June 30, 2008

Trip to Perth

breakfast at the Dome

I had the opportunity to go to Perth to share my experience on Myanmar with the people of Perth. It was a 3 days trip, and with the tight schedule with meeting and functions, I had only little time to go for sight seeing.

visit to Australian Islamic College, Perth

with Mohamed and Sis Habsah from Muslim Aid Australia

with Iman, the executive director of Muslim Aid Australia

It was more of a working trip. I was glad to meet Iman, the executive director of Muslim Aid Australia, we exchange thoughts and ideas on Muslim Aid future activities globally. According to Iman, Muslim Aid will start to explore things related to sustainable, such as sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. This will be a new era of Muslim Aid in helping the people in need not only during the emergencies, but also to tackle the root cause of poverty which are more related to the increasing of oil price and food.

-Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi-
Fundraising and Marketing
Muslim Aid Asia

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