Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Visit to Pulau Kampung Suri in Kelantan

Yesterday I was in Kelantan for a program for parents with cerebral palsy kids with USM medic students. After the program finished at 3pm, I was told to sent a family to their kampung in Pulau Seri. I was excited because in order to reach the place, we need to cross Sungai Kelantan with a boat!

the family with the aid gifts

From Yokuk (Yayasan Orang Kurang Upaya Kelantan) to the habour took about 20 minutes. We had to carry those aid gifts given by the USM medic students for this family. The boat took about 15 minutes to reach the Kampung. It was really a new experience to ride a boat without the safety jacket..huhuu.

no safety jacket wooo..

Once we arrived, they served us with coconut drink ( air kelapa!). It took a monkey to get the coconut from the coconut tree. We shared our moments with the family mostly about their daughter which is a CP patient.

with the family

Before going back, we donate some used used cloth for the family, and took pictures with them...:)


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